Parisian streets

Clichy Gate
Clichy Gate
unusual encounter
unusual encounter
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Made your choice!
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Your ego is not your amigo
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parisian subway
2019 07 14 L1007750
Fighter planes over the Champs-Elysées
rain #2
rain #2
yellow and red
yellow and red
self-portrait to the lady
self-portrait to the lady
rain #1
Parvis Beaubourg, Paris
dwarf with a trotinette
Opéra, Paris
Belle des Halles
Les Halles, Paris
parisian bus
Inside Bus, Les Halles, Paris
parisian summer
parisian summer, Buttes-chaumont, Paris
shopping, avenue de clichy, Paris
waiting time
Place de Clichy, Paris
Bd St-germain, Paris
school outing
school outing, Cour Gambetta, Clichy
rest under heat
rest under heat, Opéra, Paris
St-Germains-des-prés station
St-germain station, Paris
lonely yellow call
lonely yellow call, Hôtel de Ville, Paris
"Things we think determine what we perceive"
waiting time
waiting time, Chartres station